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Dolores Nanie-Braddick

Dolores Nanie-Braddick

Dolores, Zeziikabiik, was born to Helen and George Nanie. Dolores is bear clan and a member of Rainy River First Nations. At the age of 5 Dolores left Manitou Rapids to go to Fort William sanatorium and from there she attended residential schools in Fort William, Fort Frances and Winnipeg for the next 13 years.

Dolores married Allan Braddick and together they have one daughter, three sons and nine grandchildren. Dolores and her family live and interesting but difficult nomadic life for 14 years in Ontario, eventually moving to the USA in 1984 for work.

While in the USA, Dolores returned to school and earned her BSN at 44 years of age. She then worked in various hospitals in Charleston, North Carolina and eventually moved to Arizona to work within the Navajo reservation before retiring and returning home to Manitou Rapids.

Since 2009, Dolores has been home in the community, getting involved in interesting activities including the RRFN Housing program, RRFN Pow Wow committee, Emo Hospital Auxiliary, Catholic Women’s league and St. Pat’s Church in Emo. In her spare time, Dolores enjoys sewing, crafts, writing, visiting and travelling. The most important things to Dolores are her God/Manitou, her family and her community.