Summer 2018 Issues of Gaa-Onji-Gakenjigeng Newsletter now Available in Members Area

September 19, 2018

Issue 6 - Summer 2018 of the Trust Newsletter, Gaa-Onji-Gakenjigeng, is now available in the Members Area.  Hard copies will be mailed out to Members on the Trust mailing list. 

Issue 6 will be the last issue sent via mass mail out.  Based on recommendations from Members, all future issues will be sent via email to Members who have provided an email contact.  Hard copies can be sent out by requesting a copy from the Trust office.  Copies will continue to be made availabel via the Members Area of the Trust website. 

Please contact the Trust office at 855-482-2158 to provide an updated email addres to be sure you do not miss out future issues.


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